Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday: Daddy came home from work early, and we were getting ready to take bug to the park. She had changed into jammie pants for her nap earlier, so I asked her to change back into her jeans before we left. Having a will of her own, she came back in jean capris (not the ones she had on earlier).

I looked at Daddy and said with a smerk on my face, "She's so like her mommy!"

Macey replies, with a scowl on her face as if she's sick of hearing words like these, "I'm not like any of you! I'm like ME!"

Isn't she too young to be talking like this?

This Morning: We were all in the living room watching Mary Poppins and waking up. Macey decided she needed snuggles from Daddy, so she crawls under his blanket on the couch and lays her head next to his.

Then she tells him, "Dad, you smell stinky!"

Dad: "Sorry, bug."

Macey: "You need to go potty. You pooped in your pants!"

Is that another way of telling someone, "Your breath smells like %$@# ?