Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who'da Thunk?

I sewed! Can you believe it? And I liked it! My sweet friend Emily showed me how to make these darling pumpkins - just before Thanksgiving, and loaned me her sewing machine. Wow - I never thought I would actually enjoy the sweet hummmmmm of the stitching, but it's quite therapeutic! And - I think I could actually be good at it! So, if any of ya'll have an extra machine lying around that you think you can part with, I will make excellent use of it ;-) If you want to join in the pumpkin-making fun, instructions can be found at Holly's blog:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Couldn't help it - they look like they're havin' some good ol' CLOGGIN' fun!! And what better way to celebrate a day when we're stuffin' ourselves??!

Give Thanks!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Happenings...

I think 3 yrs. old is the magic year when these cute little ones really start to dig the Holidays! Our Halloween was so much fun! First - the pumpkin carving. On family night, we went to pick out our pumpkins. Macey thought that was pretty darn cool. Then on Wednesday night (right before Halloween - so they wouldn't wilt?) - the carving took place! She thought it was pretty cool to dig out the "guts". Out of all the cute patterns (kittys, bats, ghosties, etc.), she just wanted a "smiley face", so here's Macey's pumpkin!Then, being the domestic diva that I am (that's a joke - I hate cooking), I baked the pumpkin seeds, and they were so yummy! Yup - they're gone already! Hey - I've been trying to snack on them instead of all this scrumptuous candy! (Rinse, soak in saltwater bath, bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour).

Thursday consisted of a party at preschool and then a party at a friend's house. She wanted to be a kitty cat (by the way, she can now say a "c" sound at the beginning of those words, so it is no longer "titty tat" - sorry family, no more messing with that one!) and a tinkerbell. So on Thursday, she was a kitty and Friday for Halloween, a Tinkerbell. Can't be a kitty without a tail!For the party at our friend's house, I made these candy corn ice cream treats! (Vanilla, orange sherbet, pineapple sherbet - let each melt most of the way, tint orange and yellow a little darker, freeze in layers)

We were each in charge of a 5-minute station for the kids to do a game or craft. We made tootsie-pop ghosties at my station (thanks for the idea, Starla!).

This is Macey, Maggie, and Hailey (these 3 are 1 mo. apart in age)
Friday we went to a cute Pumpkin Patch! $5 Included a hay ride out to the patch, a pumpkin, a train ride, and a scarecrow. They also had a really cute play area with tire swings and everything!
Just her size - don't you think?
Painting it...
Friday as Tinkerbell...