Thursday, December 18, 2008

OK - I'm back...

I know - it's been a while since I've posted, but we've just been doing miscellaneous "stuff". I haven't known quite what to blog about, so here's just some pics about what we've been up to!

Today was Macey's first program at school! What fun it was to see a glimpse of what they've been learning at school :-) I was very much a proud mom! We love Miss Tami. My favorite part was seeing all of their cute songs they've learned and listening to them recite six of the Articles of Faith. They'll learn their ABC's, how to read, blah blah blah, but learning the gospel is the important stuff, right?!
Macey's Liahona Pre-School Class
Hyrum, Macey, Aleece, Hailey, Lexi, Miss Tami, Kelsie, Maggie, and Boo's head
Hammin' it up for some pics after school!
Eat your heart out, Grandpa!!
have to run....will post more later...