Thursday, January 29, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events: Part 1

The weekend after Christmas, Macey had the signs of Strep, so I took her to her doctor. It was pretty advanced by the time I took her in (I didn't know, until I saw the spots!), so the doctor suggested we give her the shot that would clear it up within 24 hours (versus the 10-day antibiotic). We were a little hesitant, but after she insisted, we agreed. The nurse then came in with a 20 guage needle. My eyes popped wide open, realizing that this was the same FAT, 1-1/2 inch needle that I do my butt injections with during an In Vetro cycle!! I mean, this is the same needle that I am deathly afraid of and have NEVER FELT, because I put a topical ointment on my skin and ice the area for 40 minutes!!! The nurse decided to do the injection in her booty, because she thought there would be less movement than in the leg, so she got her on her stomach and Greg was helping to hold her down. Unfortunately, wow - can I underline, bold, and stress that word enough? - UNFORTUNATELY, one of her arms got loose just as the nurse was starting to press the needle into her skin, and Macey grabbed the needle out of instinct and it SLICED her skin! Now we faced still another poke into the OTHER booty cheeck to get the medicine in her, and then back to the wound for some numbing injections and STITCHES!! What a nightmare. After the wound was made and the doctor said she'd need to stitch it up, I hopped up onto the table to hold her on top of me and comfort her, and hold her down better. I have never felt like a worse mom. Holding your child down against their will while someone is hurting them felt so animalisitc! It was aweful! I wanted to yell and bawl as much as she was!

Here are some pictures. She was so good and let me take the stitches out. I let her choose a treat as an incentive to be brave, and she chose to make purplicious cupcakes for her and her friends we were babysitting the next day! We had fun making them!
Note to self: Next time, we're goin' with the antibiotic!!!!! Duh!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holiday Happenings - Part 2...

December started out with a fun package arriving at our door from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. They sent this o-so-christmasy polka dot dress for Macey to wear for the Holidays - Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!
We really enjoyed just hanging out together as a family, getting lots of Macey snuggles, and getting odd-ball projects done. Greg & I decided to build a dollhouse for Macey for Christmas, so I got to work printing off pictures of ones I liked online, drew one up (with dimensions, of course) for Greg, and put him to work! This really seems to be the magical year for the little one, where she's just really excited for things, so we were in turn so excited for the big day! We spent all of our date nights in December getting supplies, putting it together, painting, putting flooring in, etc. (OK - so GREG built it - but I'm the mastermind behind it :-) ) Side note: one date night while he was building, I cleaned out my flower beds taking out old plants, removed all of the old mulch (really crappy job), and planted some bulbs (I know, a bit late), and to my dismay, my bulbs are coming through the ground already!! AAA! Didn't plant them deep enough? Anyway, here's a picture of the dollhouse finished...Didn't he do a great job? (Notice the cut-out picture window w/bar between what will be the kitchen/dining room - yeah, no furniture yet)We spent the month doing all of the usual things...listening to great music, watching chrismas movies, looking at all the house lights and nativities, shopping, eating great food, watching our amarylis grow (Macey kissed and coaxed it daily) and on and on. We really quite enjoyed spending time with just the 3 of us! Our Ward Christmas Party consisted of caroling to inactives, then back to the church for some hot chocolate and goodies, singing with our old bishop, and Santa! Notice - Macey's still not too sure about sitting on Santa's lap. I was surprised she even sat on his lap, because at the mall, she ran away from him! So weird - because she is normally TOO friendly to strangers.Three days before Christmas, the pilot light went out on our water heater, and Macey and I took a shower - SCREAMING - as we went, and then got warm by the fire...I just had to post pics of her toasting her buns!!
On Christmas Eve-Eve, I actually got my tri-pod out (my Dad gave me his old one a LONG time ago, and I hadn't tried it out) and we snapped some shots together. Macey had a blast pushing the button for the timer, running to get in the photo, and then running back to try to "beat" me and view the picture. She just laughed, and laughed, thinking it was so funny! This one is of her saying, "Wait, wait" to tell us something...These are my favorite ones of the family...(please note that I didn't actually DO my hair for these, we just decided to take them on a whim)One she actually took of G&I...Macey and Me...And my favorites of Greg & Macey...
And this one's my favorite - the "this is MY Daddy" look that we see so often...Chrismas Eve was a party at the Johnsons! Woohoo! We had yummy soup, lots of casserole-type dishes, finger foods, and Greg's home-made bread and pies. Yup - Greg bakes like crazy! It was a little awkward though, one night the week prior when I went to a friend's birthday gathering alone, and when everyone asked, "Where's Greg?", I replied..."Baking a Pie!" He was practicing, and yeah, they all thought he was a little gay I'm sure, but they didn't complain when they came over to eat it! Oh man, was it ever tasty! Back to Chrismas Eve: we ate, had the missionaries read stories and sing songs, decorated gingerbread houses (ok, they were graham cracker ones), and then had the kids do the nativity. It was short, sweet, and fun! Of course, here are some pics...
A bubbling-through-the seams berry pie, a scrumptuous pumpkin cheesecake, and Grandma Lila's Swiss Bread...hungry? (no making fun of my purple countertops :-))
Our sweet missionaries...Making gingerbread houses and Macey's finished product...And Macey's first debut as Mary... She has been practicing since she was one year old and saw her first picture of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus out in the foyer of our church...After everyone left, we cleaned the house (all the way) and put out the cookies, milk, and carrot (for the reindeer - guess they'll have to share?) Yes, Macey did check out our fireplace and ask how he was going to come down the chimney when there wasn't a hole? Our fireplace is totally enclosed. I panicked for a moment, but then calmly used the answer my parents always gave me, "Santa's magic!" It'll work for just about any of those questions, right?Then we opened the Christmas Eve jammies...I found a whole get-up on after-Thanksgiving Day clearance!
Christmas morning WAS magical, just as we suspected it would be. Greg and I got Macey some "longer dresses", some barbies for her dollhouse, and Grandpa sent a Radio Flyer horse! His name is Oreo, in case you were wondering...
Then just like every other family, the After-Christmas CRASH!!Lots of events still to post from this last week: stitches, G "breaking" in the New Year...stay tuned... (this is why I haven't posted in forever!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's My Choice!

Monday night we topped off our Family Home Evening with a trip to the mall to ride the carousel. We were sitting down to eat an ice cream cone, and Macey started going to town on a good ol' boogie. I said, "Macey, you know, it's just NOT GOOD MANNERS to pick your boogers." Then Greg and I were conversing on what we should do/say about this yummy habit, and Macey turns to me and very matter-of-factly says, "It's my choice. I can pick my boogers if I want to." Greg and I looked at each other, with a, "well?" look and were at a loss for words... What do you say to that?Someone at work gave these delicious treats to Greg for Christmas. Are you surprised that Macey ate them with Daddy?