Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Baby....

I wish I was talking about the kind that coo, babble, spit up, and smile at you....ok, so this does SOME of that :-)
My dad and Greg got me THIS for Christmas...
She is so pretty, and works so well for me that she most definately deserves a NAME! What are your votes???
My first project was an apron for Macey of which she picked out the material. That was so fun. Here she's bakin' cookies w/Daddy.
Then made one for me, of course, and learned how to read a pattern. It took a good eight hours...I'll get quicker!It was so pretty, I was afraid to even use it for a while!...ok, I still have a hard time using it :-)
Anyway, this is what took me away from blogging for a while....and it was SO worth it!