Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My man's got some SKILLS!!

So, a couple of weeks ago, our water heater decided it was DONE! And, please somebody tell me who the genius was who thought it was a good idea to put them in the attic? I was beginning to feel pioneer-ish after a week and a half of heating water on the stove to bathe Macey, do dishes, and getting my butt to the gym JUST so I could take a hot shower afterward. Boy, did I gain an appreciation for instant hot water! Aren't we just spoiled these days!? It took me three rounds of 4 pans full of boiling water to fill just a small amount of a bath for Macey.

Greg decided he would try his handyman skills at installing a GAS water heater! You heard, me, gas! I was worried he was going to A: Blow up our house, or B: Put a hole through my wall getting the old water heater down from the attic! I really and truly had nightmares the few nights before he put it in. He did manage to get two SWEET missionaries soaking wet with sweat (and water, hee hee), but he did it!! My man saved us a whoppin' $300 for installation!! I love you darlin' - you rock! Oh yeah, and you're really HOT! (especially when you're savin' us money! ;-) )


Greg Johnson said...

you are sweet baby...nice write up! Love you!

The Walkers said...

Good going Greg! We wished you lived closer...Greg could help us save some money! :) Macy is so sweet! Can't wait to see you again.

Carl and Starla said...

So was that water all over Elder Weight or does he just sweat only on one side of his body? :) I still think it's crazy that your water heater is in the attic! Nuts. Way to go Greg!