Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No spanks or time outs!

(pics of the PRINCESS with her sleep mask she's been wearing every night for the last few months or so :-) )

Tonight as I was laying Macey down to bed and we were talking to Daddy on the phone, we had family prayer and then our scripture story. The story was about Lehi's family reaching the promised land. We were talking about how after Lehi passed away, Laman and Lemuel began to disobey the commandments...again. Macey said to me, "But Mom, (with a pouty look on her face) sometimes I do noddy things in the day." I told her that Mom and Dad do too, and that it's okay as long as we are TRYING to choose the right and obey the commandments - that we can repent each night and tell Heavenly Father we're sorry.

She then told me, "But remember next time that you don't spank me or have time outs."

I then asked, "Well, what should we do when you do something that's noddy?"

Her reply: "Just SNUGGLE ME."

And I think that's probably what I should do!!!

One of the cutest things she's told us yet.....okay, there are like a million, but this was pretty darn cute!


mom Tolmanb said...

That WAS so cute. I bet it just tweeked your heart, and you never want to scold her again. :)

Brandon and Natalie said...

Too funny! She says the funniest things. I love the top picture of your family. Adorable!

Carl and Starla said...

Yeah, snuggle them is probably what we are supposed to do...but sometimes you just want to beat them! ha! ha! This was a cute one!

Jeannette said...

boy wouldn't all kids love it if we snuggled them when they are naughty. Mine are definitely not so fortunate ha!

Brandon and Celia said...

I love parenting help from kids! So funny!

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