Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yes, it's November, and I'm finally catching-up on our blog! So...family...bear with me ;-)

Daddy's birthday was fun! Macey was so excited to give our daddy-sweet her gifts. She made a BUNCH of really cute pictures (if you know her, you'll know that she LOVES to give pictures!) and individually wrapped them in tissue paper. It was too cute!
I don't think the pictures were his favorite gift though! Check these out!!! She has really learned to lay one on ya! (kind of scary, but hey, we love them!!)
Mommy got him a work table that has MANY uses! It can be used as scaffolding (or to change a light bulb)....or a fort...or Macey thought it would be best-used as a bed!Mommy rallied the families together and asked for some dough to buy daddy a REAL BBQ! The poor guy has been using a camping one that sat on the ground and maybe fit 2 hamburgers :-)! He was quite excited!
We love our Greg!! He truly is the best husband and father we could ask for!!!