Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easter 2009

I LOVE spring!  Ok, and fall too.  Gotta love the ferns...makes me feel like I have a real "southern" home.
Easter dress from Grandma & Grandpa Johnson
I remember wearing a hat and gloves when I was a little girl...and I LOVED it!  Luckily, I have quite the girly-girl who thinks it is just as cool as I did. :-)
Ward activity.  Poor G - the red smock just wasn't quite long enough...one of my first sewing projects!  But the cape turned out cool!
Gotta love those white legs!
Went to a beautiful park and made an easter egg hunt for the kids in a really pretty "grove" of trees.  This was right after, "ready, set, go!"
The loot is the best part, right?!
Buggy...I just love this girl!
Sunday - Easter morning finding the eggs!
After-church family pic.


Cortney said...

I love your tulips!! Your decorations look gorgeous! I'm glad she loves the hat and gloves too! They are adorable!

Lindsay Blain said...

LOVE that family picture! What a beautiful family!!